Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First post!

Hello all... This is the first post to my new blog Life Tapestry. I do think and explanation of the title "Life Tapestry" is important.

    My junior year of high school I began to look at and evaluate the way God was working in my life, and I found that He was doing great things through my experiences with other people. I was at the time working with a man who believed that life was just like a thread, and this thread, as one goes throughout life, would just begin to whither and fade away. I thought on this idea and found that it was lacking something. I don't see any harm in saying that our lives are like threads but I can't seem to see my life without other threads in it. \

    So this is how I described my life. I believe that life is like a tapestry, and I am a thread in that tapestry. It is the things that I strive for, the things that I say and do, that create the coloring of my thread. This thread, though, is only one in a countless number of other threads that are being woven into a tapestry. My goal in life is to become as beautiful of a thread as possible so that I may both compliment the other threads around me and also compliment the tapestry as a whole.

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