Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Modern day Scripture

   I have recently started to consider the idea that scripture was not supposed to end with the Bible. Partly because nowhere in the Bible does it say that you can't speak the word of God. In fact, I would say that Jesus and the Apostles knew that the people that they were peaking to would one day inherit the Holy Spirit like they did and would end up, at some point, speaking great words of God.
   We read scripture like it is the end all authority in our Christian lives, as we should, but did we ever stop to consider that the words that come out of our own brothers and sisters mouths is just as authoritative as the Scriptures themselves. As long as one is filled with the Holy Spirit and understands that doing God's will is the soul priority in their life, then the words that come out of their mouth will be the words that God, himself, wants them to say.

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